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Flowers Raflesia Arnoldi

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Flowers Raflesia Arnoldi

Flowers Raflesia Arnoldi

Raflesia Arnoldi.Penemuan giant flower flower Raflesia in 1930 by a biologist from the Netherlands has brought fame to the area who have habitats Raflesia.

Finally, the invention is patented in the name of his invention, Arnoldi and the giant flower later known as Arnoldi Raflesia.

Therefore, the discovery was exactly a Stem Palupuh Jorong named in Nagari Koto district Rantang Palupuh included in the international guide books, among others, in Thailand, Malaysia or Europe, Australia and America, the giant flower's name is known and can be found in Palupuh and another in Bengkulu region.

According to the way biologists are finding that interest in Palupuh and Bengkulu. Since it was also about 3.4 ha of forest at Batang Agam Palupuh Forest Nature Reserve is made ​​according to the Dutch government's decision Stbl 3. No.402 dated 14/11/1930. This interest will only appear in November alone