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Internet History of Indonesia

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Internet History of Indonesia
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Indonesia internet history began in the early 1990's. At that time the Internet in Indonesia better known as the community network, where the spirit of cooperation, mutual assistance and family are very warm and felt among the perpetrators. Somewhat different from the atmosphere of Indonesia on the Internet and the development of commercial and individual feels in some activities, particularly those involving Internet commerce. Since 1988, there were early users who utilize the Internet in Indonesia CIX (England) and CompuServe (U.S.) to access the internet.
Indonesia early Internet
Based on ARIN and APNIC whois records, Internet protocol (IP), the first of Indonesia, UI-NETLAB (192.41.206/24) registered by the University of Indonesia on June 24, 1988. RMS Ibrahim, Suryono Adisoemarta, Muhammad Ihsan, Robby Soebiakto, Putu, Firman Siregar, Adi Indrayanto, and Onno W. Purbo are some legendary names in the early Internet development in Indonesia in 1992 through 1994. Each of these has mengontribusikan personal expertise and dedication in building a network of historical footage in Indonesia computer.
The writings of the existence of the Internet network in Indonesia can be seen in several articles in print media such as COMPASS called "low-cost computer network using the radio" [1] in the month of November 1990. Also some short articles in the magazine Student Association of Electrical Electron ITB in 1989.Internet Service Provider Indonesia
Around the year 1994 began operating IndoNet headed by Sanjaya. IndoNet Indonesia is the first commercial ISP. At that time the POSTEL not know about the crevices of the Internet business & are still very few Internet users in Indonesia. Initial connection to the Internet using a dial-up done by IndoNet, a move that perhaps desperate enough. Location IndoNet still in Rawamangun in complex UI faculty, incidentally Sanjaya's father is a lecturer in the UI. Access IndoNet early in the early use text mode with a shell account, lynx browser and email client pine on the AIX server.
From 1995 some of the BBS in Indonesia such as Clarissa provide Telnet access to overseas. By using the remote browser Lynx in the U.S., the Internet users in Indonesia can access the Internet (HTTP).
Recent developments that need to be taken into account is the trend toward e-commerce and internet cafes are mutually supporting one another and produce a more solid Indonesian society in the world of information. Fellow e-commerce to build communities in several major mailing list as,, & fight footage IT & Internet Indonesia
Footage and historical record of struggle Indonesia Internet can be read on the Internet Wikibook History of Indonesia [2] on the internet there are useful things like information, educational articles etc.Early Internet users around CIX and Compuserve
Since 1988, CIX (UK) offers the services of E-mail and newsgroup. Latter offers access to HTTP and FTP services. Some Internet users use the 1200 bps modem and phone lines are very expensive for international Internet access. Since 1989 Compuserve (AS) also offers E-mail and newsgroup recently, HTTP / FTP. Some users of Compuserve to use a modem that is connected to the Gateway Infonet located in Jakarta. Compuserve access costs are still expensive, but much cheaper than CIX.